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Foreclosure Attorney Robert Schaller Saves Homes in Foreclosure by Utilizing Special Court Program

Bob Schaller PictureHomeowners like you are under attack like never before as a result of the record setting number of foreclosures in Will County, Illinois. Mortgage lenders and banks have been moving agressively to foreclosure homes and evict homeowners like never before.

With homeowners in mind, the Circuit Court of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit, Will County, Illinois, created an innovative Mandatory Mediation Program to help you save your home. The goal of the Mandatory Mediation Program is preventing unnecessary foreclosures, keeping families like yours in their homes, and minimize vacant and abandoned houses that drive down property values and destablize neighborhoods.

Free Court Program

The official "Notice of Mandatory Mediation" issued by the Will County Circuit Court states that the Mandatory Mediation Program is free of charge and is available to all homeowners whether or not they file an answer to the foreclosure complaint.

Save Your Home thru Mandatory Mediation

Homeowners are increasingly utilizing the court-created Mandatory Mediation Program to help save their homes. I would like to help you save your home thru the Mandatory Mediation Program by utilizing my 25 years of experience practing law and a proud member of the Will County Bar Association.

The Mandatory Mediation Program could be complicated and confusing to homeowners who are not skilled or trained in legal procedure or legal negotiating. While you could "go it alone," why take the chance? You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. The Mandatory Mediation Program is a process where a neutral mediator assists lenders and homeowners in trying to reach a voluntary and mutually beneficial agreement to resolve the loan delinquency and end foreclosure.

The Notice of Mandatory Mediation provides a "CAUTION" warning to homeowners. It states that "While no court action will be taken against you while the mediation process is ongoing, there is no guarantee that an agreement can be reached between you and your lender. If you dispute your lender's claims, you should consult an Illinois licensed attorney and/or file an answer to the complaint."

Please take head of this "Caution" warning. I can lead you through the complicated and confusing court-approved Mandatory Mediation Program. It's time to call in the professionals who have the know-how, training, and legal experience to protect you and your home--- It's time to call Attorney Robert Schaller and utilize his 25 years of legal experience.

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Bob Schaller PictureRobert Schaller and have been practicing law for over 25 years. He has represented clients in almost 2,000 court cases. He is eager to represent you and let his experience work for you --- saving your home.

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